Saturday, November 8, 2014

NIFS Season

November for many of you in the States means pumpkin lattes, coloured leaves, and brisk air. 
For others of us, though, it means that delightfully exciting yet stressful time of year when interviews and selection for the Marshall, Rhodes, etc. scholarships take place. It is also the time of year the new Marshall Scholars begin exploring their options for the second year of their British academic career. 
Enter lots and lots and lots of coffee and Skype meetings for Becca! It's always a lot of fun - practice interviews with mentees are a blast. But of course it's always tricky to manage never know who else is interviewing and who will win. For new Marshalls exploring options for next year, the job is a bit easier: Encourage them to look far out of OxBridge-London, set them up with meetings with relevant faculty if I know any, and remind them they're spoiled for choice and are likely to have a great year regardless of where they ultimately decide to go. 
So...should anyone be seeking life advice, I'm well practiced right at this moment. Of course, I'm not really good for much other than "here's how to tweak this essay" and "look at this British university". ;)

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