Saturday, November 15, 2014


Anonymised notes from the invitation to the Housewarming Party I'm going to tonight:

"We moved to our flat on 20 July 2014. Well, to be precise, A, B, and C moved in. D was in Liverpool. Then A went to NYC, a week before D came down from Liverpool. By the time A returned, D was in the States. The day before D came back, B went to Atlanta. And then while B was in the air, heading east over the North Atlantic, C left for his long-awaited European sojourn. And C was gone until October. It turns out that the four of us were not in the house together at the same time for even one minute until about 23:30 on 25 October. That is 3 months 5 days and 7 hours, or 27% of our entire lease. So you can understand why we were so happy to be reunited.

"Despite having had you over for several parties before, we wanted to have a proper housewarming. The first available weekend night: 8pm Saturday 15 November. That’s 32% of the way through our lease for those of you keeping track. Ok, the house is already warm..."

Props to them on their careful record-keeping, I suppose.

In any case...I, of course, know of only one way to warm a house, and that's via the oven.

Yesterday consisted of homemade truffle making. Today, there shall be cookies and banana bread.

And maybe I'll even squeeze in some actual work somewhere in there. But maybe not. It is Saturday, after all. ;)

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