Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Ahlan wa Sahlan to Kuwait!

أهلاً و سهلاً
Welcome to Kuwait!

I am safely arrived in Kuwait City. I am staying with the family of a Dive Team Member and have an absolutely gorgeous apartment. I shall be spoiled rotten and unwilling to return to London!

There are paintings done by the family's daughters and some of the comfiest, warmest blankets I've ever felt. (Forget returning to London, I won't make it out of the apartment and into work!)

I had a fairly easy day yesterday, heading into a shopping centre to set up my phone and have a meeting with some of the Dive Team about the projects to do while I'm here. I then headed to the founder's home for dinner with his family. The kids have grown so much in the fifteen months since I was here last!

As I've just arrived, there is little else of note to report. Other than, for the first time in all my flying, I managed to get bumped to first class on the flight from Istanbul to Kuwait! That was quite exciting. A frequent flyer got upgraded but his girlfriend didn't; he swapped with me to sit by her. So I got lots of fancy food and leg room. It was nice, though nothing I can imagine paying so much extra for!

Ta ta for now...I'm sure there will be lots of fun photos and stories to come. For now, I am safely and happily here and all is well! :)

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