Saturday, January 16, 2016

KDT Operation 2: Another beach clean-up...and the aquarium!

Fridays are the Muslim holy days, so they are weekend days in Kuwait.

What does the weekend bring for the Kuwait Dive Team? More time to clean the beach!

We joined the Kuwait Society for the Protection of Animals and Their Habitat (K'S PATH) Friday morning for another clean-up. A few bilingual high schools came out, so I got to easily speak with the students and join in fun. A few rather memorable moments included:
  • finding the cascasses of both a crow and a cat facing each other in the mud. I moved the cat's body away from the main walking area, much to several students' distress...someone else grabbed the bird.
  • a teenage boy's discovery of a whole - but disgustingly dirty - teddy bear. I had to pry it from his hands to discard it; he was threatening to take it home and wash it. I think his teachers and parents would not have been impressed with us. We spoke a few words of both the bear and the boy. ;)
  • a group's very focused determination to get an old tyre up and out. It was almost completely buried. 1.5 hours of shoveling and the expertise and equipment of the KDT later, up it came!

That afternoon, Waleed's grandkids and I headed to the Kuwait Aquarium to see penguins! And eat at Pizza Hut. A grand time was had by all.

After dropping the kiddos, a couple of the older girls and I headed to Chilli's for a fun dinner. Nothing says Friday night like alcohol-free strawberry-mango margaritas and vegetarian fajitas!!! Happy Becca. :)

I should also mention that, with Fridays as the weekend, Thursday nights are the big family gathering nights. Cue Becca's getting her butt kicked in table billiards:

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