Sunday, May 29, 2016

Happy Birthday, Marshalls!!

We had a fabulous afternoon and evening yesterday celebrating with two Marshall Scholars whose birthdays were 19 and 28 May. It's finals season in the UK, so poor Michael was rather distracted during his actual day. But we made up for it in fine style with a fantastic picnic on top of Primrose Hill in Regent's Park.

I cheekily told Rafael's parents they needed to go on a date so I could steal the baby. We were quickly the most popular of the attendees, entirely stealing the spotlight from the birthday boys.

Our friend Hayden is blind but still able to detect some light. So of course we had to stay in the park till it was super late and he could see his cake!!


Quite possibly the most beautiful use of a bank holiday weekend Saturday night ever. :)

Happy birthday to Michael and Hayden!!!!

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