Sunday, May 1, 2016

Home again, home again!

I am back in London...for real this time!

Just landed from a wonderful weekend in Istanbul. And when I say "Istanbul", I really mean "AMENDS". Some very valuable time with my Fellows family. We did a few solid days of workshops and planning for the organisation's future. As always, these folks gave me a massive boost of energy and excitement. Really incredible stuff going on with their initiatives - healthcare and social support for the female sexual victims of ISIS, education on programming and entrepreneurial skills for youth in Jordan, a programme encouraging girls in Saudi Arabia to enter the STEM fields. To name but a few. AMENDS now has some 150 Fellows across 5 years of Stanford Summits, so the Reunion crew is never the exact same group. And I always get to meet some folks who I've worked with online but not spent physical time with. A truly rejuvenating weekend. 

But now - back in England. For a solid month! Cue the Saturdays spent with Iorwerth playing around London, weekdays at King's analysing data, and a full four weeks of avoiding airports like try plague. :)

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