Monday, March 23, 2015

AMENDS in Istanbul!!

I am very happily back amongst the AMENDS Fellows, getting reenergised and resource-swapping. We're based at Koç University in Turkey this year, having fun frolicking about Istanbul and debating the future of our Network.

As you can see here, we're taking things very seriously:

 We are staying in the gorgeous Fuat Paşa Hotel - directly on the Bosphorus, Turkey's beautiful strait forming part of the barrier between Europe and Asia. There are green, forested mountains surrounding the university campus. All in all, I'm utterly miserable. ;)


  1. Did you visit the Hagia Sophia ? How about a side trip to Troy ? Aunt Helen may have lost her sweetheart at Gallipoli in 1915. Among her keepsakes I found a badge won by Angus MacTavish for dancing. In her notebook was an entry "Angus McTavish died Gallipoli 1915. Uncle Al

  2. I did a lot of tourism last year, when I was here in January for a similar conference! A gorgeous city!!