Friday, March 27, 2015

The last tutorials...

My teaching with The Brilliant Club for this term is already coming to a near end. 
After our launch trips, we go into schools for four tutorials. There's then a month+ break, during which the students write and I grade their final assignments. There's then one more in-school feedback tutorial to talk about the grades, get thoughts on the course, and talk about uni options. 
I'm traveling to Orpington this morning to give the last of their four tutorials; Hayes had theirs yesterday. Then I'm done until mid-April, when I'll do my first ever formal marking as I sort through their essays. But I won't see the ducklings until 6 May. And I'm gonna miss them; they're absolutely hysterical. Really fantastic students who are engaged and asking all sorts of fascinating questions...which is, after all, the basis of the course.

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