Saturday, March 7, 2015

Years & Years

I went last evening to my second real concert. (My first was P!nk at the O2 a couple years ago, which I ended up at when a colleague had an extra ticket fairly last minute. By "real concert", I mean place with crazy people standing up and screaming over the presence of some dude with a guitar. Clearly I follow this scene really carefully. Haha.) A band named "Years & Years" (who, if I understand correctly, just got a #1 hit single or something) was playing in town. Effy and another Marshall mate have followed them for years and years (see what I did there?) and were insanely excited, so I jumped on for the ride. 
The band was really quite good. And several songs were fairly mellow, so k wasn't just in an insane mob of manic. 
Before heading to the gig, we popped into a nearby restaurant for London's attempt at Mexican food. The sopa de tortilla was actually quite lovely, and that way we could actually catch up without shouting in each other's ears at the concert. 

Afterward, they all wanted to I somehow managed to be out far past my bedtime. But I made it safely home on a night bus and am now happily headed to brunch at The Breakfast Club. 
Also on the agenda this weekend: a meeting about the eighth international workshop on hydro-hegemony, a return to the very fabulous Kensington Unitarians, and a good amount of PhD work. :)

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