Friday, March 20, 2015

Hull, Round 2

Two years ago, I visited the English city of Hull, birthplace of William Wilberforce, to deliver a lecture on the Evolving Role of the US Presidency as part of the Marshall Scholars' Speakers' Bureau. This year, I went again to give a slightly different talk on the same topic with a different subgroup of Scholars. We purposefully got in early and left late in order to frolic about the museums a bit. Had a delightful time revisiting some places I had been before with more awareness about contemporary Britain, adding new perspectives via the other Scholars, and finding a few new places.
The talk went well, and we had a dandy time exploring! Our trip included stumbling on a club located within an old church building called "The Mission", where we had a rather epic foosball tournament...

Every museum really should include a dress-up section...

Pints below the stained glass...only moderately sacrilegious of us.

Paying homage to one of the UK's leading abolitionists.

The Church of the Holy Trinity reflected in a modern office building.


  1. Like the look! You could set a fashion trend!!
    Grandpa F.

  2. Have you seen the Hagia Sophia ? How about a side trip to Troy? Uncle Al

    1. I have seen Hagia Sophia. Troy is yet to happen. :)