Monday, March 16, 2015


I realise it probably seems that I am in Norwich every other week. But that never makes it any less delightful for me.

I went in to join a mate for her end-of-MBA and finish-of-job drinks, and conveniently managed to organise a lot of meetings for my UEA teaching and Norfolk County Council outdoor residentials.

This weekend, Anne-Marie and the family were hosting a pile of American tourists: her great-aunt, a cousin, and a mate. We had fun showing off Norwich to new Americans - even as Eamonn dealt with an all-time record of Americans in the house when suddenly Nina and her parents, also visiting, showed suddenly we had nine Americans in the same room. And then several of the same pubs. Suffice it to say that we were loud. ;)

Friday night, we had theatre tickets to Austentatious - which I saw in Edinburgh as part of the Fringe Festival as well. A thoroughly delightful show every time, as a group of improv actors draws an audience-suggested book title out of a hat and proceeds to perform it, Austen-style, in an entirely made up fashion (

Grand times were had by all.

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