Saturday, December 19, 2015

Back in Britain

I have safely returned to London. 

Thoughts immediately upon returning to England:
"Oh. It's raining. Right. It does that here."
I hadn't seen rain in 7 weeks at that point. Turns out I hadn't really missed it. ;)
But it's actually freakishly warm for December here. Absolutely no chance of snow, methinks. Tragedy. 
Bringing a bit of Christmas cheer, though, is my mate Sarah who has just landed at Heathrow from America. She hasn't been to the U.K. in years. We are plotting various British holiday festivities. London's Christmas markets and ice rinks had better watch out!

There is also a certain cinematic event to distract us from thoughts of rainy Christmas. 
The day I landed, I headed straight to campus from Gatwick Airport. One of the Geography Department's research groups was hosting a festival quiz; I arrived late looking rather bedraggled and handed out hugs and presents from Morocco. After a quick trip to the pub (where I had proper British chips and ketchup, and it was oh so good), I snuck away with a mate to see "Star Wars". 


I won't say too much more about it, because you either don't care, have seen it and thus echo my variety of extreme emotions, or are desperate to make it yourself and are thus desirous of spoiler-free zone. 

But. That happened. 

As did a long overdue reunion with a certain young person. Iorwerth and I had a lovely evening Friday night while his mum and dad went to a work Christmas party. 

And finally, the reunion with my oven and vanilla. Baking in Morocco, especially in a kitchen you're just visiting and thus not stocking up, is simply not the same. Ingredients aren't equivalent. I baked, but it was not standard Becca quality. First thing I did upon waking this morning was bake some chocolate chip cookies with which to greet Sarah at the airport. 

And the Tube is pulling into Terminal 4 now, so off I head...happy weekend, everyone!

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