Monday, December 14, 2015

Paradise Valley

By and large (and contrary to what it probably looks like from my Facebook feed), the majority of my participatory ethnographic fieldwork with Dar Si Hmad has involved working in an office from 9am-8pm every day. I've been helping build their social media presence, update their website, and create curriculum for their Water School.

But. Fieldwork cannot be all work and no play. In the name of science, of course, one has to encounter local recreational options.

Enter Paradise Valley. Waterfalls, small rock pools, and oasis-esque views in the High Atlas Mountains on a section of the Tamraght River. Absolutely gorgeous.

I went last Monday with my housemate Lieze, who had never been, and then again this Sunday with Effy, my cousin who is visiting. We dragged along a bunch of friends from Dar Si Hmad - including one Agadir native who'd never been before!!

The highlight probably included my first ever proper cliff jump. Tragically, I don't think we got any properly amazing pictures...but I have many eyewitnesses prepared to testify to my 10-ish metre fall and flop in the water. Fairly small, but not bad given it was my first time!! And that was the highest ledge I was seeing any of the local boys jumping from, so I consider it a win for the day.

A few scenes of the Valley and my enjoyment of it:

Isn't it just oh-so-ugly here? ;)

Lots of fish friends in the natural rock pools

Team Dar Si Hmad at  Paradise Valley!

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