Saturday, December 26, 2015

Happy Christmas!

Merry Christmas from the girls in England! We did, in fact, leave Spain in order to be back with my British family for the holiday. We proceeded to try and be as Christmasy and Londony as possible.

Sarah strolled around the Christmas displays at Harrod's Department Store (not pictured, as I skipped that part of the day in favour of some errands) and then saw the holiday decorations at Covent Garden.

We then set off to do something I have intended for ages and never quite managed before: ice skating at Somerset House. It does not get much more festive than outdoor skating with carols playing in the shadow of a giant, baubled tree!!

Just in case we were lacking lights, we then walked along the Southbank. Sarah had her first mulled wine. And then cruising around Leicester Square, we somehow tripped onto a carousel.

Christmas Day itself was much more calm and people-focused. Opening presents with a five-year-old is a delight. And family dinner is a giant riot when Eamonn cooks his first goose!

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