Monday, February 4, 2013

Ah, productivity

I am one of those people who gets a very serious happy buzz off being very productively busy.  I had a delightful Monday, comprising of:
  • 1 two-hour lecture on Environmental Impact Assessments
  • 1 two-hour lecture on the Water-Climate-Energy Nexus
  • 1 hour spent in my office doing work for UEA's International Office as the American Ambassador
  • 2 hours spent helping out at an Excel workshop for coursemates on an upcoming modeling coursework we have to do
  • Drafting an itinerary for Maddy's visit to the UK and Ireland.  (We are going to have an obscene amount of fun.  No, really.  The draft itinerary makes me jealous of myself. We are going to Cardiff, Dublin, Belfast, Glasgow, Edinburgh, London, Brighton, and Oxford. We are visiting cafes where Rowling, Tolkein, and Lewis have written. We are riding ferries. We are going canoeing. We are swimming in the English Channel. We are seeing like four shows in the West End. We are going to the "Doctor Who" Experience. We are visiting national libraries, botanical gardens, and zoos. You really should hate both of us.)
  • Sending 15 work-related emails
  • Two Marshall Scholar work-related conference calls
  • Revising a presentation I'm giving Wednesday with a mate on the social construction of knowledge
Ah, life.  'Tis beautiful.
And now...I'm going to write up a paragraph on my Marshall Experience for a website redrafting and probably do some coursework.  Just because I'm seriously on a productivity high.
It's possible I have a very mild and not very problematic form of productivity bipolarity...I couldn't make myself do a thing on Saturday.  :)

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