Thursday, February 28, 2013

Water and Enterprise - Some Details

Stolen from the blog post I did for the International Office:

From 17-19 February 2013, Norfolk County Council’s Integrated Education Advisory Services hosted a pilot enterprise programme focused on water and carbon reduction at Holt Hall. Twenty-nine (29) students from seven (7) Norfolk schools and colleges and six (6) students from Randaberg College in Norway attended...and so did American student ambassador Rebecca Farnum!
The programme included team building, leadership and mentoring approaches and specialist support to develop students’ expertise in water efficiency and carbon reduction. After attending the programme, the pupils are expected to run a short water-saving campaign at their high school/college, followed by a stronger campaign with 1-3 cluster primary/feeder schools in order to develop their skills as young consultants. Norfolk and Norwegian high school and college pupils were joined by Norfolk County Council (NCC) staff and consultants, University of East Anglia (UEA) faculty member Declan Conway, and UEA students for teaching, mentorship, and support.
As a MSc Student in Water Security and International Development, this programme was right up my alley! And the Norfolk County Council made use of my know-how in global water issues by asking me to do a presentation on the very first day about water quality, quantity, and the hydrological cycle. See everyone else who was involved - including Professor Declan Conway from my school - at the Water & Enterprise website!
We had lots of fun - here's just a few pictures of the UEA and high school students working and playing at the beautiful and historic Holt Hall!

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