Sunday, February 10, 2013


Yesterday entailed a first visit to Oxford.  I had to go for the traditional Rhodes versus Marshall Scholars (American) football game.
The weather was wet and the pitch incredibly muddy...we played "slip in the mud with a ball" more than flag football, but a grand time was had by all nonetheless.
The Marshalls got red sports shirts with witty language and artwork:

Since the weather was foul, I didn't focus too much on touring; instead, I focused on seeing people! I'll be back to Oxford twice in April - once with Maddy for a tourist visit; once for a conference.  So I will have plenty of time to explore the colleges and see the sites.  I did take one required "Oxford" picture of Radcliffe Camera:

A friend who worked in The White House with me is currently doing a masters in Russian international relations, lit, and history; she and I had a delightful catch-up over tea. Mum will be glad to know it was proper tea with loose leaves and everything.

One of the Rhodes who couldn't make the game and I went to dinner at the most wonderfully geeky restaurant.  Its walls and ceiling are covered in DC and Marvel comic, Star Trek and Star Wars, Doctor Who, etc. decor.  Its menu is comprised of burgers and sides named after heroes, villains, etc.  It was really fun - and really good.  Goat cheese and onion marmalade chicken burger with chocolate and strawberry milkshake?  Yes, please!

Oxford, I think you're lovely...I'll come finalise that judgment in April when the weather shows you off better!  :)


  1. Very nice, little girl. Glad you had a nice day. Did you actually play any of the game? (I can't tell from pictures)
    Happy week!!
    Love you much.

  2. The football game sounds like fun (more fun than watching a boring old game anyway). The tea sounds even better! I love reading about all of your adventures. Keep the blog posts coming! XOXO