Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Thursday!

Becca's Thursday:
9 am: Tools and Skills in Environment and Development.  Group presentation (ungraded) on an Environmental Impact Assessment.
12:30 pm: Filmed promotional interview for the masters course and "green" programmes in UEA's School of International Development
1 pm: Lecture on global food prices and local economies
2:30 pm: Meeting with International Office on presentation proposal for an advisors' conference in Atlanta in July (whoever thought Atlanta in July was a good idea?!?)
4 pm: Meeting with instructor re: teaching a water basin pedagogical game to high schoolers and developing a version of "Risk" related to virtual water (more details to come on the game!)
5:30: Cook dinner: Chicken tikka masala.  (Totally not from scratch - the grocery store has canned tikka masala sauce.  And it is surprisingly good!)  On the "not helpful" list of things, my store-bought rice is the "product of more than one country."  So...thank you to farmers somewhere in the world for my dinner tonight!  My chicken came from Norfolk, and the tikka masala sauce was made in the UK.
7 pm: Babysitting!  Always a joy.

Great moment of the evening:
The kid I just tucked into bed: "You can get married and have babies anytime you want!" Apparently I passed the test. Kevin thinks that her relationship advice has been nullified by a later comment: "You can have more than one boyfriend." Hahaha. This has been Valentine's Day optimism from a six-year-old British girl!

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  1. Such a busy girl...glad you had a lovely day!

    Love you!