Thursday, September 27, 2012

Academic Calendar

I keep telling people that I don't really know when my breaks are.  But the campus calendar has finally been published online!
I am required by the terms of my scholarship to be in the UK (unless for academic reasons, e.g., a conference or fieldwork) for all but thirty days of the year.  During Easter break, the Marshall Commission takes us on a fabulous trip.  I may also spend some time backpacking in Scotland...they have a "right to roam" policy, meaning that I can camp wherever, so long as it isn't directly on someone's doorstep.  Fabulousness.

Autumn Semester: 24 September - 14 December
Christmas Break: 15 December - 6 January
Spring Semester: 7 January - 31 May (I'll be done before May 31st, though...that's just the time allotted for various exams)
Easter Break: 23 March - 14 April

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