Sunday, September 23, 2012

Induction Week

I ended my last post by mentioning that small part of life "classes."  I have Induction Week this week, an introduction to my module and the entire DEV (Development) School here at UEA.  The good news is that I don't have a great deal of actual work during this time.  The bad news is that I'm very, very scheduled.

Because of when I came in, I've already missed the introductory part of this, which they did Friday afternoon.  Sadness.  But it begins in earnest tomorrow, and I will be there for all of this.

So, my week, with my intended schedule of errands also built in:
Sunday, 23 September:
Today at 8:50 pm, I have a flat meeting in the kitchen with our Senior Resident and my neighbors.  I haven't actually met any of them yet, so that will be nice!  Of course, it will also be a bit strange, since I'm not really planning to live here for more than two weeks.  Hopefully, though, I will simply have lots of friends scattered about campus this way.  :)

Monday, 24 September:
(Notice the UK dating system?  I've also switched my computers to the 24-hour method of telling time. But I'll use am and pm here, just to interpret for the Americans.)
8 am: Fill out room swap form.
Register. (Because I arrived after hours, I'm still not technically here...)
9 am-noon: Study Skills Session with my coursemates
1 pm-5:30 pm: Presentation of Module Options (overviews of the classes I can sign up for as my electives)
5:30 pm: At this point, most offices on campus will be shut down.  I will also probably be completely exhausted.  I may, however, attempt to go into town to look at phones, do some shopping, etc.  Letting this time be flexible, though, since I may be dead.

Tuesday, 25 September:
9 am-10:30 am: Library Session.  (Hurray!  Let's learn to use the library!  They've already been incredibly helpful in getting me internet and UEA email access...)
11 am: Go visit the North Americas Scholarship/Study Abroad Advisor, whom I met at the Thursday night Marshall reception.  We'll be chatting about life in general, but also probably the easiest way to do that long list of errands I have.
1 pm-5 pm: More Presentation of Module Options
5:30 pm: I have to sign up for which modules I would like to take Tuesday night.
I also have some hope that perhaps someone will take pity on me and take me out shopping, etc. with a car...
Also, noon-7 pm is "SOCMART," an open house of all the UEA Student Societies we may join.  Time to go see all of the activities I could distract myself with!

Wednesday, 26 September:
It's break day!  Or, in my case, run around campus doing everything else that needs to happen day!
Formally, I have:
11 am-noon: Information Session for International Studies (reading through the description, I may not actually need to attend looks like it's geared mostly at students for whom English is not their first language.  That being said, I may still go in order to meet people.)
1 pm-2 pm: Careers/Professional Skills Information Session (again, I think this could be a bit optional if I end up getting distracted somewhere else, seeing as how I won't be going directly into a career upon finishing this Masters.)
Informally, this will probably be the day of the bike, bus pass, phone, etc. acquisition.
1 pm-5 pm: I could go to SPORTSMART to see all of the UEA sports groups I could join.  This I might skip out on.

Thursday, 27 September:
9 am-1 pm: Study Skills Session I
2 pm-5 pm: Study Skills Session II
(These study skills sessions involve things like learning about UEA assessment methods, how to write papers for UK academic settings, etc.  They will be partially repetitive but also probably incredibly helpful as I begin a new kind of learning.)

Friday, 28 September:
Freedom!  I am pretty much wide open, which means either sleeping forever in total exhaustion or getting up and doing all of the errands I should have been doing all week.
7:30 pm: DEV Masters Students Party.  That seems like it could be dangerous...  ;)

BUT WAIT!  I have just read some of the fine type in my Induction Week Schedule, and it turns out I am not expected to attend all of the Module Info Sessions...I can just go to the ones that are interesting for me.  Well, hmm...this may change things a bit.  Or I may just be that goody two-shoes that I so enjoy being and listen to all of them in the hopes of learning as many faces of instructors as possible...
Yeah.  Reading through the schedule of which modules are presented when...I'm totally listening to all of them.  You never know when an epic instructor is teaching something that might otherwise not be your favorite choice...

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