Saturday, September 22, 2012

I'm here!!

I am officially official:

This card gets me into my flat, the library, etc.
DEV=Development, my school
PGT=postgraduate (hurrah! I'm a grad student now!)

I arrived at UEA Friday just after 5...aka, just after everything closed.  I had the opportunity to explore campus a fair bit while tracking down where things like keys and my username were.  (I must admit, I probably would have preferred if I did not trek around with my baggage.  Nonetheless, it was nice to see campus...definitely everything I dreamed of and more!)  Everyone was incredibly helpful and friendly.
The campus is absolutely gorgeous.  I was able to share a taxi from the train station to the campus, meaning I went through several back streets of Norwich and got a good feel for the city.  I also thoroughly enjoyed my conversation with my taxi buddy, a girl traveling to UEA from the coast to visit her boyfriend.  Of course, I thought when I asked if she would like to share that I might have just made my first British study buddy at UEA...but it was not to be!  I have met several other international students through orientation, etc., but the British students are mostly moving in today.  Campus is likely to be much more lively tomorrow!
Today has involved lots of helpful information for international students, the meeting of many friends, and the acquisition of groceries.  This evening's entertainment agenda includes looking for a job, reading a great deal of paperwork, and "Doctor Who."  It's possible I didn't mention those in the order they're most likely to occur...


  1. Sounds like you are finding your way around your new environment just fine!

    Are you allowed to get a job under the terms of your visa?


    1. Yes - I am able to work up to 20 hours a week during term time. :)