Thursday, September 13, 2012

Good-Bye, New Haven!

The taxi comes in 45 minutes for the next adventure...I am training from New Haven to Washington, D.C., my last stop in the US.  I will be staying with the friends I stayed with last summer while interning.  Tomorrow I'll go downtown to pop into my office and say "hello" as well as meeting up with a family friend's granddaughter...Mary Hammond thought Amanda and I would get along well.
Saturday is laundry and frantic chores day, as well as meeting up with a certain Chris Heffner for lunch (Chris is at UMD for grad school).
Sunday, I head to the Savoy Suites to begin my Orientation with the Marshall Scholars program. This includes lectures from former Marshall Scholars who are now politicians, heads of NASA and similar programs, etc., as well as a reception with the British Ambassador.
On Tuesday evening, we take Virgin Flight 22 across the pond!

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