Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Yes, that needed to be in all capitals.
I have had an incredible day.
It involved walking about ten miles, playing with a twenty-two month old, and seeing a lot of the beautiful town I now live in.
Walked into Norwich from the University...not terribly far, but far enough that I can't easily do it on days I have classes or meetings.  I can bike it in about fifteen minutes, but I do not yet have a bike...
The walk itself was absolutely many beautiful houses and shops.
Went to Grapes Hill Community Garden. Sat in beauty for a little while quietly, which was rather lovely. And...ate a strawberry and several raspberries. Life is good.  They also have fresh rosemary I'm welcome to take, along with several other herbs and fruits.
Then I went to the Theatre Royal and The Garage.  The Royal brings in great shows (it's the Norwich equivalent of the Wharton Center in Lansing); The Garage hosts a lot of community theater and workshops.  I'm on their mailing list now and will very likely start working backstage...eventually, I hope to audition, but it's a rather different process here. Either way, it shall be delightful.
I then went to a local mall to explore cell phone possibilities.  I do believe I'm going to be a total sell-out and get an iPhone 5 as soon as I have my bank account and credit cards all good to go.  In the meantime, I have a very (VERY) basic phone from when Megs was here studying abroad, so I grabbed a free SIM card with a bit of credit for emergencies.
And then, Anne-Marie and I had a wonderful day with the baby.  I got a tour of Norwich shops and attractions; we played ball in the Cathedral's courtyard; I ate homemade muffins.  It really was utterly delightful.  (And I get to baby-sit Saturday!)
Tomorrow is more study skills learning with my, fun, fun!

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