Saturday, September 29, 2012


I have already made my first money in the UK...I can eat for another day!  More importantly and more happily, I had a fantastic day with the little sir.  He is pretty advanced for his twenty-two months and quite the little talker...but he is going to be very linguistically confused when he's older.  His mother is an American from the deep south (insert all y'all's drawl here...), his father is Welsh, and he has Irish grandparents.  The accents are hysterical.  Anyway, we played a magnificent game of "crawl in and out of the box," ate Chinese on a picnic for dinner, had an absurdly long bath, watched "Mary Poppins," and read before bed.  The evening was quite lovely.

The only other major accomplishment of the day is that I pre-ordered an iPhone 5...should be in sometime in mid-October.

Tomorrow, I'll be spending most of the day getting ready for my first week of formal classes.  More on my schedule for the week coming shortly!

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