Monday, September 24, 2012

Mark! At last!

Finally and at last, I have actually met Mark Zeitoun, the course director for the MSc in Water Policy and International Development. I have been emailing with Mark for nearly a year and a half about this program and the possibility of my studying at UEA; it was really cool to finally meet him.
I also got to meet the six other students in my program.  It's a really fun blend of folks.  Two older adults: one Canadian coming from a background in development and work on climate change adaptation and one native Norfolker who has been in the UK military.  Three young professionals who have done a blend of development, water surveying, and research assistance for 4-8 years before coming for a Masters, and one student who did her undergrad at UEA and came straight into the Masters.  A fun blend of nationalities (Canadian, two British, Swedish, Korean, two Americans) and experiences going should be a grand time!
Several of the days involve hearing an introduction to the many modules (courses) we can take.  This, happily, also involves hearing from most of the Development School's teaching faculty.  It's a fantastic group of people...can't wait to dig in more surely!
I am already nostalgic about only being here for a year...sadness...better make the most of it!!

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